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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Shawni Groves
(213) 255-0059


Angeleno Native & Graffiti Artist Man One Is Working Closely With The
Los Angeles Department Of Cultural Affairs To Bring #FACESLA To Life;
Paying Tribute to Cultural Icons, Children, and A Few LA Citizens Nominated
Through His Social Media Campaign.

Los Angeles, CA (July 24, 2014) Internationally known graffiti artist; urban art muralist, Man One, is prepping to launch his latest project "FACES L.A." (#FACESLA) - an outdoor mural campaign helping to re-shape the perception people have of native Angelenos. The 11-year city enforced mural moratorium was lifted in fall of 2013, allowing artists to once again legally paint murals in Los Angeles, previously considered capital of the world for these outdoor works of public art. Man One is working closely with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), to ensure all permits and required documents by L.A. City Hall are approved prior to painting. Once the public has been notified and the permits are granted, residents of various neighborhoods can expect to see colorful, large scale murals painted in his trademark style.

#FACESLA ​Sample Mural Rendering
By Man One

Man One, a BA graduate of Loyola Marymount University (LMU), shares his inspiration behind this independent art project: "It is difficult to create cohesion among L.A.'s disparate neighborhoods and communities, each community with its own unique persona, politics, and socio-economics, siloed away from its adjacent communities let alone those across town. Consequently, the perception of Los Angeles is too often limited to Hollywood, the entertainment industry and its celebrities. This is financially rewarding, which is a very good and essential result. Today, however, L.A. is enjoying an artistic and cultural renaissance. Now, for the first time in recent history, L.A. has a unique opportunity to dimensionalize and extend L.A.’s brand image beyond Hollywood and show others something that Angelenos know very well — L.A. is more than meets the eye."


The neighborhoods Man One will be spray painting these colorful tributes in, are located throughout all of Los Angeles County. This ongoing campaign will honor many different people representing all walks of life; children, mentors, activists from many decades ago and a few friends; all who in his opinion, uplift and best represent the true flavor of L.A. In part these murals will connect legacies of the past with hope for the future by bringing neighborhoods together via art, in an ever changing city.

In order to achieve his goal of one mural a month, for an indefinite period of time, he is reaching out to all citizens of LA asking them to share with him which "Face In L.A." should be painted next and why. To join in, simply send an instagram or tweet with the hashtag #FACESLA to @ManOneArt with a photo of who inspires you, and why. If you would like to share a personal story with Man One that requires more than 140 characters, please email: and in the subject line include: #FACESLA/I Nominate. This project is slated to begin in August 2014, to become a sponsor please email

To schedule an interview, please contact Shawni Groves: (213) 255-0059/ For more information, please visit: WWW.MANONE.COM

To follow Man One's #FACESLA campaign via social media, please connect with him here:
Twitter: @ManOneArt
Instagram: #ManOneArt

Hashtag: #FACESLA

Recent Press:

TITLE: "Man One With One Man's Goal: Make Graffiti Legit"
DATE: July 23, 2014
Ed Fuentes / @KCETArtbound


Los Angeles native, Man One, has painted all over the world and has worked in the visual arts since 1987 when he began painting graffiti on the streets. His paintings have been showcased in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions including The Getty, MoCA and LACMA and commissioned by corporations including Coca-Cola, MTV and Nike. In 2002, Man One founded Crewest, the ground-breaking art gallery in Los Angeles largely credited with helping to legitimize graffiti and street art within the traditional art community. Regarded as a seminal gallery in the history of the L.A. art scene, Crewest Gallery curated and produced over 100 exhibitions in 10 years featuring the work of underground artists, known and unknown, such as Chaz Bojorquez, Hex, Overton Loyd, Kofie, Retna, Logan Hicks and Craola, along with international artists from the UK, Australia, Italy, France and Germany to name a few. Socially conscious and community focused, Man One has been officially recognized by the City of Los Angeles as well as by the U.S. State Department for his dedication to promoting international understanding and cultural exchange through the arts. He has also been recognized by Artworx LA (formerly the Heart Project) and by the Friends of the Los Angeles River for his work in mentoring talented young artists from L.A.’s inner city. For more information, please visit: To schedule an interview, please email: or contact Shawni Groves at (213) 255-0059. Art Murals Citywide Program / Mural Ordinance. Final Ordinance No. 182706

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