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My Simple Wish for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games

I wish for the focus of the Winter Olympics, and Paralympics (3/7/2014) being held in Sochi, Russia to remain on the Olympians and recognition of the intense amount of sacrifice and dedication put forth in order to compete at this level. I hope through the examples, and inspiration they provide that somehow it will encourage the Russian govt to change direction/opinion, and legislation of many disturbing policies that have made headline news over the last few years, and especially most recently. I am not sure if I will be able to watch these games because it makes me sad and angry knowing the reality of what is happening inside and outside of the arenas and village. I wish for peace, no harm to any living creatures there and for all athletes to be allowed to do their best, and shine as bright as they can!         

'Olympic Peace' ARTIST: Ron Wilson - This artist is not affiliated with my personal opinion. I liked this representation of what the Olympics should stand for, a means of creating universal peace. Please see more of his work here:         

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