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Welcome! I was contacted by and asked to participate in their "Dream Business Venture" campaign and write an article telling readers "how I would expand my business" and "how I would go about it" and post it on my blog. I respect companies like Kabbage, who help guide people to success in small, or large business ownership, or expand the one they presently own. Kabbage provides methods and means that lead to success in addition to motivational articles and tips.

I greatly appreciate being asked to participate!

Here is my contribution of how I would like to expand what I do as a freelance publicist to becoming owner and operator of an actual PR and Project Space.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and am a freelance publicist in addition to a freelance project manager. My amazing clients are leaders in the fields of contemporary urban art, photographic arts, and entertainment.

I work independently with each one, advising, developing ideas, increasing exposure in press and media outlets, creating materials and development plans for their projects, attending and working at exhibition openings, and numerous other things. I choose to not overextend myself professionally and limit my clients as both publicist and project manager to a maximum of 5 total; working within the fields mentioned in the above paragraph. If my calendar allows, I will accept additional projects on an individual basis that either happen once, or repeat annually. My work allows me to switch gears, but can also be very stressful as I am publicist, proof reader, assistant, social media intern, coordinator, etc. the true "One Woman Show". I work from home, offer reasonable rates and earn a modest income. Please feel free to browse through my blog to get an idea of what I do, and who I work with.

For a couple of years I slowed down due to a sudden death in my family, and for a while it was very difficult emotionally and mentally, I continued working but at a very scaled back pace. I regained momentum at the beginning of this year, choosing to make my business a priority again so I can eventually expand and hire one part-time employee that will allow me to offer more to others. I feel I am successful because of my broad range of experience, working with people of many backgrounds and income levels. I have a very intuitive business sense and diverse creative knowledge base.

I absolutely love what I do and would like to lease or purchase a physical space that will allow me to meet with my current clients, and potential clients (by appointment only), in a nice setting, surrounded by their art and photography, in addition to a space for them to exhibit their work.

I would also like this space to include an area for art and photography installations and exhibitions, in addition to a staging area for live musical performance and dj's. A goal I have had for quite some time is to focus on projects that combine art, photography, music and nature. The new clients I would like to attract are those who are both artist and musician/dj, or photographer and musician/dj.

How I would do it:
This, I am working on. The obvious way is by increasing my income and earning at a level that would allow me to afford overhead expenses without worry. The challenge goes back to the one mentioned above, I am one person currently doing it all. Another way is to build a partnership with someone who is at a similar place business wise, who is looking to expand into this type of concept.

Why I would do it:
Art, photography and music are all ways of self-expression, allowing both the artist and the viewer to either step away from the cares of the day and enter another world, or work through personal struggles leading to a place of freedom, clarity and balance. Both art and music heal. I like helping people, and have discovered this is how I am able to help many in a most significant way.

By opening a space where I run my business from, I will be able to bring these two healing modalities together which will attract like-minded people or those who are seeking something new, help others earn or increase their income, and provide a sense of community in a setting that is interesting, peaceful, educational and fun! All necessary ingredients to living a fulfilling life.

I hope I have provided enough to give readers an idea of what I would like to do. My contribution is very simple and perhaps a little incomplete, but I greatly appreciate being asked and would rather share what I have written in it's imperfect form than nothing at all. Thank you for inviting me! Enjoy your day or night. Peace to all.

Shawni Groves
Los Angeles, CA

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